A downloadable Zine

Three miniature zines loving secreted by the mechanical, multicoloured gunk strewn, ink press of the Caw and Paw team! See the dead, cast little magic spells and rate pottery in this triple gut punch of a zine mixtape!


All three zines come in printable format! Kick those printers into action and spew black sludge onto thin sheets of tree meat to create your own hyper collectable stack of mini zines. Print them all, flood your house with zines and run around your local area passing out handfuls of these bizarre flimsy paper books to befuddle your nearby human residents.


Put your bank account summoning devices away for this zine is free! Glue those saved pennies together and craft yourself a mini wealth shrine instead, maybe one day the gods of fortune will smile upon you.

Install instructions

Download, unzip, read, print, fold, scream into the void, enjoy!


Mini Zine Mixtape.zip 5 MB


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This was so cute! Highly recommend <3